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Electrical Panel Services in South Arlington, TX

Electrical Panel Services in South Arlington, TX

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Your electrical panel helps your entire electrical system run safely. When it breaks, you need an experienced electrician to restore power to your home so you can go on with your daily life.

Cool Hand Electric provides electrical panel services in South Arlington, TX. As the top-rated provider of electrical services in the area, there’s no issue we can’t find a solution for. When you have an electrical problem, we’re the ones to call.

Here’s what makes us the top provider of electrical panel upgrades in South Arlington:

  • Solution-oriented: Instead of focusing on problems, we focus on solutions. We always find a way to resolve your issues.
  • Faith-centered service: We know our work glorifies God, which means we put in 100% during every job. Your satisfaction reflects our reputation, so we never do anything to compromise it. 
  • Professionalism: We treat your home as though it were our own, so we always leave your house clean and disrupt your life as little as possible. Our technicians are highly trained and certified to handle every problem.

Whether you need electrical wiring or a completely new panel, call us at (469) 436-5467.

Electrical Panel Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Never work on an electrical panel yourself; they’re dangerous pieces of equipment that pose serious risks to non-certified workers. They work by regulating the high electrical load from your power grid into levels your appliances can handle. Thus, they possess enough electrical current to cause serious injury or death.

What’s included in our electric panel repair, maintenance, and installation?

  • Electrical panel and circuit breaker inspections, including testing the ground fault circuit interrupters, examining the cover, and checking the proper amperage.
  • Electrical panel and circuit breaker installation, including finding the electrical panel best for your home or business.
  • Electrical panel and circuit breaker repair when possible.
  • Electrical panel and circuit breaker preventative maintenance, which you should schedule every three years at a minimum.
  • Wiring and rewiring services to handle the capacity of your upgraded model.

We service several kinds of electrical panels, including Square D Electrical Panel, Siemens Electrical Panel, Eaton Electrical Panel, and the RV Electrical Panel. We’re available 24/7 for emergency services.

We also provide several other services along with our electric panel work, including:

  • Installing and maintaining a new electrical system to replace your outdated one or if you’re renovating 
  • Installing indoor and outdoor lighting of all kinds
  • Installing and maintaining your home’s emergency generator so that you can make sure you always have power

Don’t leave your home at risk of fire or without power. Call Cool Hand Electric for the best electrical panel services in South Arlington, TX.

About South Arlington, TX

Located within the heart of the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth area, South Arlington exemplifies what it means to live like a big-city Texan. With a wealth of professional sports, nightlife, arts, and more, you can’t find a city with better entertainment.

If you can’t live without your Texas sports, Arlington hosts the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and the Arlington Renegades. For a taste of local culture, visit Lonestar Axe Throwing or participate in the Arlington Scavenger Hunt by LetsRoam.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, South Arlington has hotels for every budget, from the Live! by Loews and the Hilton Garden Inn to the La Quinta or Red Roof Inn. For dining, visit the Cut & Bourbon steak house, Babe’s Chicken Dinner House, or Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

With so much to do, it’s no wonder the Arlington area is a hub of tourism, history, and culture.

Call Cool Hand Electric for All Your Electrical Panel Needs

When you need electrical panel repair and replacement, make Cool Hand Electric your first choice. A damaged or broken electrical panel is an emergency. If your home shows any of these problems, reach out immediately:

  • You notice flickering lights throughout your home.
  • The electric panel is hot to the touch, or you can feel heat radiating from it.
  • You’re frequently fixing tripped circuit breakers.
  • You see areas of visible rust, burning, or melted areas on your panel.
  • Your electric panel smells like it’s burning.
  • Your appliances are malfunctioning or aren’t running at maximum power.
  • You hear buzzing or crackling noises from your circuit breaker.
  • You can see damaged, loose, or melting wires.
  • You suffer from frequent power surges or outages.

Do you need electrical panel services in South Arlington, TX? You can book an appointment online or call (469) 436-5467. We offer 24/7 emergency services.

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