Surge Protection Services in Waxahachie, Texas

All homes need reliable electrical systems to supply electricity for the family and minimize the odds of outages. Property owners know all too well that power surges happen when least expected, and these major electrical events cause damage. The best way to mitigate surges and electrical safety risks is to install whole-house surge protection.

Whole-house electrical surge protection protects the entire property against these electrical mishaps, and many homeowners don’t have to worry about serious financial or property losses. The installations apply to all outlets, the wiring, and junction connections to the primary power supply. Talk to an electrician to find out how to prevent power surges in the home.

Block Electricity From Outside the Home 

Surge protection throughout the home blocks electricity from outside the home, and it keeps the family safer. Thunderstorms are no longer a threat to the property and won’t cause a surge in the electrical system. Even if a transformer blows on the power line, the home is safe and won’t sustain any electrical damage.

Better Protection for Electronic Devices 

Electronics are vital fixtures for the entire family. Everyone watches videos on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, and power surges destroy these devices quickly. Whole-house surge protection stops power surges at the source and ensures that families get many years of use from their gadgets and devices. Learn more about surge protection services from a licensed electrician.

Protection for Surges Inside the Home

For example, a window air conditioning unit generates a power surge when it engages. The same thing happens with some appliances, and the surges can cause electrical damage and decrease the longevity of the appliances or electrical products.

Stopping Electrical Failures and Device Damage

Power surges damage the electrical system and any devices, appliances, or systems connected to outlets or the wiring. Without proper surge protection, too much power flows through outlets and damages refrigerators, freezers, and electronic devices. Desktop computers stay connected to nearby outlets, and if a power surge happens, the devices are at risk, and so are any laptops that are charging. With surge protection, families don’t have to worry about electrical installations or devices failing at inopportune times.

Preventing Electrical Sparks Where Wiring Is Damaged or Overheats 

A power surge could cause sparks inside the wiring system and cause a major electrical event. Wiring can overheat and spark anywhere in the home if power surges happen too often, and the home and family are at risk. A local electrician performs surge protection services in Waxahachie, Texas, to mitigate these risks and stop major electrical mishaps at the source.

Avoiding Damaging Surges When the Power Is Restored

Power outages caused by storms and the utility companies increase electrical risks inside and outside the home. Once the power company workers restore the electricity, a power surge could damage electrical connections throughout the property in seconds. By installing whole-house surge protection, the homeowner has proper protection after a power outage and won’t have to worry about any appliances, electronics, or major systems connected to the power supply.

With the electrical installations, the power is restored safely, and the homeowners enjoy the benefits of their reliable power supply. The family won’t have to hurry through the home to unplug electronics or other pricey devices before the power comes back on during a storm.

Protection Against Tripping Breakers 

Tripping breakers and blown fuses are real issues for property owners, especially if they don’t schedule routine electrical maintenance services each year. If there are too many products on one breaker, the items don’t receive adequate power. The circuits could also overload trying to send power to multiple devices, and electricians do not recommend placing too many appliances or systems on a single breaker. It’s dangerous for everyone, the home, and the entire electrical system.

If a breaker trips too often, an electrician inspects the breaker and determines what connects to this breaker. For some properties, like mobile homes, a breaker trips if the family plugs too many devices into one area of the home, and the breaker continues to trip until they unplug something. Electrical professionals can find the source of the problem and fix it in a flash.

Where to Get Electrical Services

At Cool Hand Electric, our licensed electricians manage whole house surge protection installations to keep homes safer and prevent electrical issues. Our electricians perform a wealth of services, including installations, repairs, routine maintenance, and inspections. Find out more about our services by stopping by or calling for an appointment.