Electrical Services in Midlothian, Texas

Some Midlothian homeowners are unaware of the services provided by electrical professionals that can enhance the quality of life and personal comfort throughout your home. A professional completing these essential upgrades will safely add value and convenience to a home. Whether buying a new home or repairing and renovating a present residence, hiring a licensed electrician helps ensure the project’s safe completion.

Adding or Upgrading Light Fixtures

When purchasing an older home, upgrading existing light fixtures will not only help remove outdated, worn-out lighting styles it can brighten up and transform the room. Poor lighting in the house affects productivity and causes problems with eye strain and back and neck tension from attempting to read or perform other detail-oriented tasks in low light conditions.

Technological advancements have significantly increased residential lighting efficiency in the past several years. These advancements increase the light in the home while decreasing electrical consumption resulting in lower energy bills. In addition to increased energy consumption, older fixtures are at an increased risk for potentially dangerous electrical shorts. Old light fixtures could cost you excess money each time you turn them on.

Installing Additional Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets in the home are not only used to power appliances and electronics, they are also used to charge cell phones, tablets, and other computerized gadgets. Some consumers rely on power strips or extension cords to increase the number of available outlets, but extension cords have several drawbacks that make them an unsuitable long-term solution. An electrician in Midlothian can assist in finding a better option.

Safety is one of the main concerns when Midlothian homeowners depend on extension cords for additional electrical access. Constant traffic and wear and tear damage the plug and increase the likelihood of short-circuiting and creating a fire hazard. The cables quickly become a tripping hazard placing residents at risk for falls. Extension cords function well as an excellent temporary solution to inconvenient outlet placement but should not be considered a long-term solution.

Cracks, dust, old paint, and other debris accumulate inside and around electrical outlets over time and can impact their reliability. Installing additional outlets allows you to place the plug in a spot that works well with your day-to-day life without resorting to unsafe practices. Newer plugs have the option of onboard USB capability along with the standard two and three-prong choices to increase functionality.

Breaker Panel Replacement and Repair

Spotty electrical service, flickering lights, and burned-out electronics are all symptoms of an aging electrical panel that could compromise the safety of the home’s electrical system, increasing the chances of a fire. For many homeowners, warm light switches and outlet covers are the first clues that the breaker panel is failing but repeatedly tripped breakers and dimming lights could signal a problem.

Electric breaker panels are the means for electricity distribution throughout the house and should last 20 to 30 years without complications. However, if the electrical system in your home shows signs of damage or gives off a burning smell, don’t hesitate to contact a licensed electrical contractor in Midlothian, Texas, to investigate further.

Electrical Inspection Service

Regular electrical inspections are part of the routine maintenance that keeps your electrical system in excellent shape. A qualified provider of electrical services in Midlothian can assist with scheduling and completing this vital service that includes a check on proper grounding and the need for whole-house surge protection.

The Importance of Proper Grounding and Surge Protection

Grounding a house or building is necessary to stabilize the electrical system in the event of a massive voltage strike from a lightning strike or a downed power line. Grounding provides a safe and effective route for the excess electricity to reach the ground, reducing power surges. The surplus electrical spikes of power surges cause permanent damage to appliances and sensitive electrical equipment. Problems with faulty wiring or outlets are a leading cause of house fires, and arranging to have your home inspected by an electrician before problems start is an essential step in keeping your loved ones safe.

While most newer homes are grounded to minimize the destruction caused by power surges, many older houses are not protected, leaving them at greater fire risk. If you are unsure if your home has a proper grounding, electrical appliances in the home provide clues. Buzzing noises from audio devices and strobe lines across televisions or computer monitors are reasons to contact an electrician.  We have been a fully insured family business serving the Dallas area at Cool Hand Electric since 2016. We have emergency service available, and all repairs are guaranteed. We’re open Monday through Friday 8-5 and Saturday from 8-Noon. Give us a call at (469) 550-1102 or online at coolhandelectric.com.