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Emergency Generator Installation

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Now is the time to consider the benefits of emergency generator installation. As snowstorms, ice storms, and hurricanes become more energetic, the U.S. faces more extreme weather. Wind, rain, snow, and temperature extremes are harder to deal with when you have to simultaneously cope with a disruption of your power supply.

Don’t wait for the next bout of catastrophic weather. Let our team at Cool Hand Electric in Mansfield, TX, install a whole-house generator that will take over for the local power grid whenever the power goes out. We install the highest quality generators and guarantee our electrical work. Learn more about emergency generator installation below or call us at (469) 550-1102 to schedule an appointment with our professional electricians.

What an Emergency Backup Generator Does for You

A whole-house generator connects to your home electrical systems and to a natural gas line. When the generator detects a loss of power, a generator transfer switch switches the power source for your home from the power grid to your generator within seconds. You’ll hear a click, and the appliances in your home will receive power again.

Since the utility companies pipe the fuel to your property, you don’t have to risk storing gasoline or any other flammable fuel on your property. The fuel source is virtually inexhaustible, so you will have reliable power in the midst of a sustained power outage.
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Reasons to Have an Emergency Generator Installed

For many people, power outages are just minor inconveniences. However, the consequences of a power loss can be unpredictable. You could risk injury and financial losses as the food in your fridge spoils.

Keep Your Family Safe

When the power goes out, particularly at night, you and anyone else on your property could experience a higher risk of injury. If the lights suddenly go out, will everyone in your household be able to make it safely to a light source without tripping or falling?

Meanwhile, if your power goes out on a scorching day or in the middle of a blizzard, you might find yourself unable to find comfort or shelter in your own home without power for your heating and cooling system. Spoiled food, fires from candles, and fumes from space heaters could endanger your health. A backup power generator can prevent losses and injuries.

Stay Productive

More employees and students work from home than ever before. Would you be able to maintain your daily routine if the power went out for a day or two? With a standby generator, you will have light for video conferencing, power for your computer, and access to all the comforts that help you stay focused and motivated while you work.

Protect Your Plumbing

Pipes can freeze during long periods without power, and sump pumps lose their ability to keep basements dry. Avoid leaks and water damage in your basement by giving your home a dependable source of power.

Stay Informed During a Disaster

When the power goes out, you could lose access to news reports or your means to communicate with neighbors, friends, and family. Know that you will always be able to charge your phone and your computer with an emergency generator.

Help Your Neighbors

Do you have elderly neighbors or neighbors with small children? Having a generator on your property gives you resources that can help them through an emergency.

Build relationships with the community by offering to recharge phones or laptops. Invite them over while they wait for their power to come back on.

Increase Your Home's Value

Home buyers appreciate being able to move into a home or rent it out without having to spend time or money on improvement projects. Having a generator already in place reassures buyers, especially if your neighborhood is prone to power outages. A standby generator can recoup the full value of the installation cost or more in certain markets.

No matter what use you find for your emergency generator, you will enjoy the confidence of knowing that the next storm or accident will not plunge your home into darkness.

The Home Generator Installation Process

When you call Cool Hand Electric to set up emergency generator installation, a representative will come to your home and inspect your electrical system. Working with our experts, you will decide on a location for the generator, plan the fuel and electrical lines, and decide on the capacity of the generator you need to power your home.

Once the generator is ready, a licensed electrician will install the generator and hook it up to the fuel line and power grid. They will flip the automatic transfer switch by simulating a power outage to verify that the generator can supply power to the house.

The cost for emergency generator installation is typically several thousand dollars and can be up to $20,000, depending on the size of the generator and the complexity of the installation procedure. A Cool Hand Electric technician will come to your property periodically to service and maintain the generator.

Power Generator Replacement Service

Homeowners and business owners replace their emergency generators for many reasons. Some need a larger generator because their usage has increased. Others finished their basements, added another room, or decided to use their properties for energy-intensive activities.

Some homeowners need a new generator because the previous generator has worn out, a storm damaged it, or the contractor who installed the old generator made a mistake with installation and maintenance.

Our skilled technicians will look over your old generator and decide whether they can leave the fuel lines or other components in place or whether they have to perform a full replacement. Our team has years of experience with generator repair and installation. We get generator installation right the first time and offer regular maintenance to extend the life of your new generator.

Power Your Home Reliably with Generator Installation by Cool Hand Electric

A whole-house generator can be a godsend for any family or small business, but to get the full benefit from your generator, you need a licensed electrical contractor who will carry out the installation process efficiently and correctly.

At Cool Hand Electric, we believe in empowering our clients, not just providing them with power. We make sure you understand your generator by:
If you have any questions about the emergency generator installation process, we are always happy to speak with you. Our technicians are available for emergency services.

Schedule Standby Generator Installation Today with Cool Hand Electric

Join the millions of Americans who have standby generators in their homes. When the next power outage hits, you will be able to continue your daily life with all the modern conveniences without having to lift a finger. The process is easy, and we are confident that the long-term benefits far outweigh the monetary costs.

Our Cool Hand Electric team looks forward to helping you prepare for power disruptions. Learn more about other electrical fixtures, such as whole-house surge protectors and electric vehicle charging stations. Call us at (469) 550-1102 for emergency generator installation service in Mansfield, TX.

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