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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

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Every outdoor landscape is different in terms of shade, sun exposure, layout, and arrangement of natural elements and structures. Our outdoor lighting company considers more than the lights and wires when creating your outdoor lighting plan. We consider the entirety of the outdoor scene and what it means for your landscape throughout the design and installation process.

At Cool Hand Electric, we’re a trusted outdoor lighting company with a large portfolio of successful outdoor lighting work for homes and businesses in Mansfield, TX. Learn more about outdoor lighting below or call us today at (469) 550-1102 to schedule an appointment with an outdoor lighting electrician.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting is a cost-effective way to expand the useful square footage of space available to you for social gatherings, games, relaxation, and more. Lighting needs to be designed based on essential factors such as:
Once we have the plans in place for your lighting, our licensed electricians will assemble the right tools and lighting components. They will work efficiently to bring your nighttime or twilight landscape to life. Throughout the process, they will be in touch with you frequently to keep you updated about their progress.
Outdoor Lighting
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Landscape Lighting Installation

We enjoy creating landscape lighting and turning your yard into an illuminated sensory experience. Through a combination of path lights, accent lighting, and a sophisticated lighting system, we give homeowners the power to take control of their outdoor spaces. Professional landscape lighting can address problems such as:

Our Process Installing Landscape Lighting

As an indoor and outdoor lighting company, we excel in using lighting technology to create improved living spaces.

Lighting doesn’t merely illuminate the surroundings. With thought and planning, your lighting can be an integral part of your landscape. Light your paths and walkways and install track lighting along the edges of your trees, garden patches, and water features. Your possibilities are virtually limitless, and our experts have the insights to create your perfect lighting setup.

Flood Light Installation

When you need to light large areas for nighttime social events or as part of a security system, our lighting specialists know the right flood lights to use and how to deliver bright light where and when you need it. We work to create lighting solutions that make careful use of flood lights for your property without spilling over onto neighboring properties.

Security Light Installation

Criminals or vandals pose security risks if dark or dimly lit areas give them places to hide. Our lighting technicians can assess your commercial or residential property for security threats and develop comprehensive security lighting that includes motion-sensitive lighting to detect intruders and animals on your property.

Security lighting provides protection for anyone on your property, not just from crime but from falls, twisted ankles, and other injuries. For yards and gardens that everyone can enjoy safely, there’s no better choice than Cool Hand Electric.

Pick Cool Hand Electric for Your Outdoor Lighting Installation

Cool Hand Electric is the premier outdoor lighting company in Mansfield, TX. Let us know how you want your exterior lighting to be and trust us to find a way to make it happen. To speak to an electrician and lighting specialist, call us at (469) 550-1102.

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